Hello.  I am Marshall.

Marshall Jon Steeves --- Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Upstate New York, I have been influenced by many different surroundings, environments, people, and lifestyles.  Craving the city life again, I moved back to Portland and have chased the creativity and culture that has thrived here.  As a photographer, designer, writer, and avid minimalist, I have pushed to bring Portland a sense of unique and radiant energy that will push the design world forward and ultimately expand the city to new and never-before-seen heights.

Now, as I have discovered and documented the extent of Portland, I am seeking new heights.  From Seattle to New York, Denver to Austin, Philadelphia to Boston, San Francisco to Toronto, Copenhagen to Oslo, Tokyo to Bangkok, Amsterdam to Berlin and beyond; I am eager to explore and shine a new perspective on each city.  From coffee shop interiors, to breathtaking architecture, I am ready and willing to take on any project.

Please contact me for any reason to talk about collaboration.